Peripteron de Kultur
Public Event, Workshop;  Dissemination;  T.A.M.A.;

An integral part of my artistic practice was considering through T.A.M.A. what would be of use to the Gypsy community of Avliza. As soon as I saw an artist’s work which I felt could be useful I grabbed hold of it and rooted it within the community’s structure. A good example of this is Fabianade Barros “Cultural Kiosk.” [...]

Her aim was to create for those who had lost everything a place with minimum activities to assist them on keeping up with and not forgetting their traditions andgames [...]. I though that it would be useful to my Gypsy community as a meetingpoint for women and children. It would serve both their entertainment and educational purposes [...].

The kiosk became such a significant part of their everyday life that it was immediately incorporated into their style ofliving. Moving onwards, those same children of the community changed the name of the “Fiteiro Cultural” to their own Rom dialect to Peripteron de Kultur.

Maria Papadimitriou

Excerpts from “Peripteron de Cultur,” in OPENCultureKiosk, p. 49.