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Kassandra: A tragicomic monologue, inspired by Athens and written for the actress D.S

Using the mythical figure of ancient Greek tragedy’s Cassandra, playwright Sergio Blanco creates a one woman tour-de-force. Kassandra, wearing red patent-leather boots, reveals her Odyssey. In her off-kilter immigrant English, she talks about our own search for meaning and hope. Tears and laughter, sarcasm and humour, Euripides and Bugs Bunny, Abba, Manchester United and Scarlett O’Hara. The distance between myth and reality, performer and audience, space and text collapses.

Kassandra is a unique viewing experience. I have rarely seen a performer so flexible and calm while interacting with an audience. If you get a chance to see this show, take it. It’s a beautifully crafted, deeply intelligent work with a strong, cryptic script.Highly Recommended Show.”

                                 Jeffrey Jay Fowler  (Prague Fringe Festival 2012 Reviews)

Kassandra was staged initially in Athens, at the bar Anthropos (2011), and was presented in many festivals in Greece and abroad (New York City, Fier, Lugano, Kosova, Bitola, Prague, Resen, Strumica, Sofia, Madrid).

Awards: Leading Female Role Award (Apollon International Theatre Festival), 2011.
Best Interactive Performance Award (MonoAkt International Festival of Monodrama), 2012.
Best Actor Award “Actor of Europe 2012″ (International Festival Actor of Europe), 2012.

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Author: Sergio Blanco
Direction: Despoina Sarafeidou – Evangelia Andritsanou
Kassandra: Despoina Sarafeidou
Costumes: Loukia Minetou
Music: Vasilis Tsonoglou
Photos: Dimitris Gerakitis
Graphic design: Dennis Spearman
Production team: Thanos Kappas, Eleni Karra, Christina Kouli, Dimitra Nikolopoulou, Eleni Panitska.