Spontaneous Exchange
Public Event;  Dissemination;  Souzy Tros;

Trade and borrow, buy and sell, or create something new…and eat steaming trahanas!

You are invited to the Souzy Tros art canteen for a spontaneous Sunday design exchange and workshop, with free hot trahanas, coffee, traditional halva, and homemade Christmas muffins!

In the Souzy Tros courtyard, young designers will display their handcrafted and machine-made objects, including jewelry, clothing, toys, and home décor items. There will also be an on-site tailoring and cooking workshop so you can create your own pieces of clothing, art, or food.
We invite Athenians to revive the warm, convivial atmosphere of the old communal Greek courtyards during the holidays, accompanied by a festive DJ set by Eftihis Eftimiou and live “jukebox” performance by soprano Eleni Efthimiou, who will perform the songs of your choice for €2 each!