The Modern Territory
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The Souzy Tros canteen opened on Sunday, April 28 to celebrate the beginning of the Holy Week with potatoes and canons. This time, the co-hosts of Maria Papadimitriou were the artists Yannis Varelas and Vassilis H. Their guests of honor were the inventive, 16-year-old “Yannis Varsos” collective in the role of … artillery!

Resorting to potato bombs (in place of the palm-frond strikes of Palm Sunday), the ‘shooters’ used the effective range of their makeshift canons against two new sculptures by Varelas and Vassilis H. The works stood symbolically against the attacking forces, judging them at once curative and preventive.

The aim of the event, which moved in the communication field of spontaneity and letting off steam, was to reflect the cultural identity of today’s Athens. Varelas and Vassiis H. approached contemporary modernism – each with his own visual idiom – to examine whether collectivity (citizen motivation and participation) is indeed the key to dealing with the current crisis. In a festive mood and with a playful, unpretentious action, they played around with the elements of luck and failure in order to trigger an examination of the relationship between political and cultural intervention.

This event was curated by art historian Marina Vranopoulou and artist Maria Papadimitriou.