Project for Two Towers
Site-Specific Installation;  In Situ;  

Papadimitriou first conceived of this project in 1989. She envisioned it taking place in Thessaloniki and Pisa simultaneously, broadcast by satellite television to Greece and Italy. However, due to a shortage of funds, only half of The Project for Two Towers could be realized in Thessaloniki.

The work consisted of a laser beam image of the Tower of Pisa, not leaning but straightened projected onto a gigantic cloth surface painted an iridescent white, which was laid out on the esplanade in front of the White Tower. By means of this “reverse reflection” the laser beam image of the straightened Tower of Pisa appeared to assume the role of the Thessaloniki tower’s reflection or shadow. Unfortunately, the project lasted only for one week. Once the beams were turned off, the White Tower of Pisa ceased to be, leaving behind only the memory of its presence. […]

The Project for Two Towers offered the spectator a double experience: the phantasmagoric, enormous laser-beam image seen from the top of the White Tower, and the equally phantasmagoric experience of walking through the piece, that is, through the resplendent fanlike flood of laser beams.

Catherine Cafopoulos

Excerpts from “Maria Papadimitriou: Project for Two Towers.” ARTI, Vol. 12, November-December 1992, pp. 160-162.