Potluck 2
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On 7 April 2012 Souzy Tros re-opened its doors for special guest, the appointed Chief Curator of the main exhibition of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art – Adelina von Fürstenberg, Independent Curator and Film Producer, President of ART for The World. It was a festive gathering organised on the occasion of von Furstenberg’s appointment with food and entertainment to be enjoyed by all.

Papadimitriou’s invitation for Souzy Tros is a public event, open to all, offering the general public the opportunity to meet the curator and the Greek participating artists outside the formal white walls of museums and gallery spaces. Papadimitriou’s intention is for her guests whether students, friends, art lovers, colleagues or the chance passer-by, to share and feel at ease within the informal and quaint setting of Souzy Tros and allow conversation and dialogue to flow between strangers over a meal of pasta and pesto prepared by Von Furstenberg herself.

The artist Marc Charpentier (MCPM), the big wall and presented the avant premier of ”The Report of Moeller.”