Magic City
Public Event;  Dissemination;  Souzy Tros;

“At Souzy Tros all formalities are dispensed with, it’s back to basics. Huddled round the makeshift soup kitchen, twenty something people sit on sparse furniture fighting off the cold, engrossed by another cinematic tradition, Nikos Koundouros’  black and white film, “The Magic City” (1954), which is on show. The film crosses two worlds, an Athenian jazz-imbued underworld and the city’s peripheral shanty towns. It is these makeshift houses and rubble depicted in the film that pre-existed the contemporary urban wasteland that is now Elaionas. Realization dawns: they have come full circle, watching a drama foretold. Nothing really has changed – this then is them.”

text by Maria Thalia Carras