╬Žirma Gypsy Globales D.I.Y. Workshop
Workshop, Symposium;  Dissemination;  T.A.M.A.;

For the Φirma Gypsy Globales Workshop the artist Maria Papadimitriou set up a gypsy fashion house which operated for a few hours at the Benaki Museum. In theory, it had the form of a workshop that focused on creating the fashion of Gypsies and, through the use of appropriation, on the examination of the Gypsies primordial needs and on the daily practices involved with the creation of the Gypsies attire.

In practise however, it was more about communicating and exposing the feelings shared by a nomadic community. Prominent were the feelings of sensitivity – towards each individual’s needs and fashion sense – and of aggression – against the other, in order to protect one’s desired found treasure.

To me, the workshop functioned as an adult communal game, an exciting role playing using the objects and clothes that Papadimitriou provided from several Roma camps from Volos, Athens and Boeotia. It was an opportunity to ascend to the humane feelings of joy and vanity, self-expression and passion, a chance to feel liberated whilst being part of a community in turmoil.

text by Marina Vranopoulou