Side Effects
Mixed-Media, Video Installation;  Chora;  T.A.M.A.;

Side Effects is a collective installation. The core group behind the project is formed by Gabi Scardi, project curator, together with Papadimitriou and Lucy Orta, artists. […]

The project is meant as a critical answer to the current situation in which Roma/Gypsy people are subject to very different treatments: they can live in situations of relative integration as well as in situations of serious injustice […].

Most artists involved in side effects focus their attention on the issue of Roma dwellings and ways of living: home and dwelling are fundamental conditions for physical survival and are of prime importance to individual and social identification for all living beings […].

For Side Effects Maria Papadimitriou creates an installation that interacts with other artists’ works. She includes in the installation second hand furniture, ornaments, carpets, recycling materials. She thus creates a “low tech scenography” that imitates the aestethics which is commonly found in the Roma living units: an aestethics characterized by great inventiveness and vitality. […]

The artists taking part in side effects at the Louisiana Museum: Maria Papadimitriou, Lucy Orta, Pavel Braila, Paola Di Bello, Andreas Faoro, Phoebe Giannisi, Alessandro Quaranta, Zelimir Zilnik, Sitki Kosemen.

Gabi Scardi

Excerpts from “T.A.M.A.,” in exh. cat. Living: Frontiers of Architecture III-IV, p. 194.