Photography;  Dialogues;  

The images I present are random moments from our communal life on Syros. They are the tangible results of a meaningful dialogue with Martin which lasted from 1993 until 1996.

We used to spend hours on end talking, working and playing MAO–MAO cards. I made many drawings for him and he for me. Every evening we watched B-movies and then we would explore the island of Syros.

Martin is highly intelligent, generous, sensitive, romantic, intuitive, a visionary, a traveler, a tender cowboy, an inventor, a jokester, a profound teacher, a dancer, a painter, a sculptor, a photographer, a performer and a big baby.

He made people have fun but he would also shock them through his lifestyle and his art which were one and the same thing. He hated stupidity and inertia and when he came across them he would run for miles.

I miss him.

Maria Papadimitriou

Excerpt from “Two or three things I know of him,” in exh. cat. 19th International Photography Meeting, pp. 176-177.