Transbonanza Platform, Luv Car
Mixed-Media, Sound Installation, Public Event;  Commons;  T.A.M.A.;

Leisure is used as a mechanism for the diffusion of social tension and at the same as a limitation and proof of social inclusion: immigrants, poor people, the underprivileged, are only granted admission provided they are peddling flowers or tissues. Maria Papadimitriou’s Transbonanza Platform is a van whose roof has been converted into a platform that can be used as a stage for concerts or as a DJ’s set. The van roams the neighborhoods of Athens stopping here and there inviting passers by to participate in an impromptu celebration. Transbonanza Platform can therefore be contrasted to leisure’s ideological boundaries. It defines a field of rebellion: like a Samothracian Corybantes, a Roman Saturnalia or a Medieval Carnival, it calls for a reversal of roles. It transcends the limits prescribed by leisure zones. Locals in different neighborhoods can entertain themselves beyond the time allotted to them after working hours. Anyone can participate. Entertainment no longer discriminates against the socially excluded. Public space no longer controls entertainment; instead time off opens up a space where there is freedom.

Theophilos Tramboulis

Excerpt from “Trans-Bonanza Platform, Luv Truck,” in T.A.M.A., p. 4.