Infinito fa Rumore, Eternità fa Silenzio
Site-Specific Installation;  In Situ;  

Its production was based on a series of video interviews during which a large number of children expressed their ideas about the concepts of space, time and eternity. [...] Their projected image constitutes part of the composite work consisting of a space divided into different areas. One of these includes an installation of second-hand books found in the building […]. Vegetation is presented here with its symbolic charge of cyclicality and rebirth [...]. Alongside these installations there are two rooms. On the walls appear the children’s words describing eternity, fashioned in neon tubes, light being a metaphor for knowledge and research. Another room features the use of recycled objects: old furnishing also found in the abandoned market, apparently exhausted objects, but saved from being discarded [...]. The idea of recovering and recycling thus acquires a metaphorical value [...] of abandonment and then of rebirth and recovery, an expression of cyclicality that the work invites us to rediscover. [...] At the center of the installation is a Moebius strip, the symbol of infinity, made up of light, together with books and recycled materials. A concentrate of energy, the sculpture creates resonance with underlying concepts of the work.

Gabi Scardi

Excerpts from “Maria Papadimitriou: Infinito fa rumore, eternità fa silenzio,” in exh. cat. Fotografia Europea: eternità, p. 368.