Love Stories
Photography, Video Installation;  Self-in-Other;  

An anthology of short narratives composes the exhibition Love Stories. The show is a series of photographs – enlarged snapshots taken by the artist of herself in front of a mirror and of a female friend on the phone. Simultaneously, a video recording of an American TV soap appears entitled, “The Young and Restless.” Its credits and music are followed by short clips from the soap opera which are then interrupted by video recordings of friends of the artist. Next to it, another video shows the artist standing with her video camera in hand while being recorded. Papadimitriou’s voice in the background reads fragments from P. J. Farmer’s “The Lovers.”

This show communicates the convictions Papadimitriou evidently feels and one cannot accept the reason for this show but as a visual diary of the artist. This is evident in the fact that the photos are not hung at eye level but slightly higher – where the viewer has no direct confrontation with them. All are fragments, like notes: the videos, the reading of Farmer’s book as well as the photographs [...]. Papadimitriou appears in the photographs and the video as a subject, underlining the highly personal character of this exhibition. She is working as the illustrator of her emotions and feelings on the subject. But there is nothing attractive, elegant or sexy in the photographs. [...] None fits neatly in this setting that Papadimitriou seems to be suggesting. Emotional participation is simply being forced.

Emily Tsingou