Souzy Tros
Independent Ongoing Project;  In Situ;  Souzy Tros;

Its tongue-in-cheek name comes from a Greek mainstream comedy filmed in 1969, ‘La Parisienne’ [...]. In one of the film’s early scenes a seamstress suggests to her well-padded client that she has been overeating, Souzy Tros! When her client dismisses this as unfair, she retorts, not only have you been eating but you have also been lying to yourself, “Souzy Tros kai Psevdese!” [...]

True to this spirit of democratic hospitality, Papadimitriou has worked on many temporary hotels, motels, places of rest, sites of exchange of personal values and relationships. Souzy Tros is however the first of these “motels” that is literally rooted in place. The shared experience that constitutes the core of Souzy Tros may be temporary but the space is fixed, on-site, in permanence, very local. Souzy Tros offers itself as an arts center that starts from scratch, ready to be inhabited, imagined and shared. [...]

At Souzy Tros, this organic, ever so simple communion of people becomes a radical praxis: an honest act. A space for people to rethink, reboot and relive, and maybe to re-imagine, whilst staying in tune with who they are.

Maria-Thalia Carras

Excerpts from a previously unpublished text, 2012.