Mixed-Media, Sound Installation;  Chora;  

Maria Papadimitriou’s works are full of vitality and strength. They come about, one might say, as a result of her generalattitude towards life. [...]

Volcano, the “happening” that was inaugurateda few months ago at a factoryon the outskirts of Thessaloniki, is a multifaceted project. The combination of music, sculpture, painting and construction, contributed to the creation of a whole, yetallowing each of these elements to maintainits autonomy. Despite that, this projecthigh lights the particular importance that color plays in the artist’s oeuvre, as a constituent and expressive element, butalso as content. Because while it is the composition’s main cohesive element inthe concept of coating a surface, it functions simultaneously as a living core subject, to the extent of acquiring material, body, dynamics and, self-understood, set apart from all the others.

As for the design, this Volcano isn’t just found on a painted surface. It is a construction, a silhouette, and signifies and typifies color. In no other work is the issue of interdependence and mutual extermination projected so strongly in continuous line and color. In no other work of M. Papadimitriou is the primacy of color as a carrier of life, energy and light so explicitly stated.

Katerina Koskina

Translated excerpts from “Volcano,” Taxydromos, 25February, 1989.